Illinois researchers create 3D images of C4 plant cellular components

A team from the University of Illinois has quantified the plant cell properties in two C4 species, including cell shape, chloroplast size, and distribution of cell-to-cell connections called plasmodesmata, providing information that can change how people model photosynthesis thanks to their 3D reconstructions.

C3 and C4 gas exchange pic

C4 bioenergy grass: working towards higher productivity under fluctuating light

In a recent study, published in GCB Bioenergy, a team from the University of Illinois evaluated limitations to photosynthetic efficiency of bioenergy grass species during fluctuating light.

Fuel-promoting transporters found in plant stem

Stem-specific promoters found for biofuel improvement targeting to stems of plants

A team from the University of Illinois has discovered two plant stem-specific expression of genes, the promoters of which could potentially serve as a tool for increasing oil production in energycane, a type of sugarcane with the capability of producing more biomass in harsh conditions, leading to higher oil production for fuels.

ROGUE research pipeline

Increasing Sugar Availability for Oil Synthesis Findings Could Lead to Higher Potential for Biofuel Crops

A team from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) has bred a plant that produces more oil by manipulating the availability of sugar for oil synthesis.

Energy Farm fields

DOE grants $10.6 million to produce more biodiesel, biojet fuel

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) awarded the University of Illinois a $10.6 million, five-year grant to transform two of the most productive crops in America into sustainable sources of biodiesel and biojet fuel.