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Zhiyang Zhai

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Zhiyang Zhai is an assistant biologist at Brookhaven National Laboratory. His research focuses on modifying plants to achieve efficient sugar conversion to oil through genetic and metabolic engineering. For the ROGUE project, he is contributing to elucidating mechanisms under which photosynthates, like sucrose, regulate plant fatty acid and triacylglycerol (oil) synthesis. Zhiyang received his bachelor's degree in biotechnology from Henan Normal University in China and earned his master's degree in plant science from Sun Yat-sen University in China. He went on to earn his doctorate in crop and soil sciences from Cornell University. His work is published in many peer-reviewed journals, including The Plant Cell, Plant Physiology, and Plant Biotechnology Journal. In 2017, his work was recognized as one the "Top-10 Discoveries and Scientific Achievements" at Brookhaven National Laboratory. 


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